Proceedings Managed Under Family Law In South Jersey

Proceedings Managed Under Family Law In South Jersey

In New Jersey, family law encompasses a variety of proceedings that could affect families. These proceedings include but are not limited to divorces, custody hearings, and adoptions. Laws that apply to each case individually must be identified and followed appropriately. A family law south jersey provides guidance for each of these proceedings.

Divorce Proceedings and Asset Division

Divorce proceedings define how a couple ends their marriage and divides their assets. The laws require the couple to reach an agreement that provides each party with an equal share of the marital estate. They also require the couple to make choices about child custody and child support arrangements. Couples who cannot reach an agreement must first attend mediation to settle their case. If they cannot settle through this practice, the court schedules a divorce trial.

Assigning a New Guardian

When a child is orphaned, the final wishes of their parents may identify a new guardian. In these cases, the county must assess the potential guardian and determine if they can fulfill the responsibilities of raising the child. This includes providing the child with a stable home, financial support, and offering the emotional support the child needs.

Annulling a Marriage

An annulment is achieved according to specific grounds identified by the state. Typically, they include but are not limited to a failure to acquire legal consent, the age of either spouse, impotent, fraud, or coercion. The petitioner must provide evidence to support their claim for the annulment. They must also file the petitioner before the couple has been married one year.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process may begin with the termination of the biological parent’s rights. The process is completed with the consent of the biological parent or by the court. If the court terminates these rights, there must be a risk to the child present. An adoption hearing is scheduled to finalize the process.

In New Jersey, family law provides a legal avenue for families to manage issues that could arise. These issues could include the dissolution of a marriage, protecting a child at risk, or becoming the parents of an orphan. Families that need assistance under this area of law contact an attorney right now and schedule an appointment.

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