3 Popular Mattress Types That Are in Demand

3 Popular Mattress Types That Are in Demand

Choosing a mattress is important because sound sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. However, the market has been flooded with so many choices that it can be hard for shoppers to figure out which mattress is best suited to their needs.

That is why many do online research and follow every important link on mattress review sites. Customers soon find that, regardless of advertising, some of the most popular mattresses fall into three categories that include innerspring, latex, and memory foam products.

Latex Mattresses Provide Comfort and Support

Customers who need mattresses that relieve pressure points often choose latex products. The mattresses are also very supportive and considered some of the most comfortable because surfaces conform to sleepers’ bodies. Organic latex products are especially popular. They are made of natural rubber that resists dust mites and are mold resistant. Several manufacturers offer products at prices ranging from about $400 to $2,400.00.

Affordable Innerspring Mattresses Are Always Popular

The classic innerspring mattresses that have been on the market for decades are still selling well. Most do not offer the same support or superior motion transfer of latex or memory foam and are usually not as durable. However, innerspring products tend to be affordable and can meet many customers’ needs. Some manufacturers are also offering very high-quality versions that rival memory foam and latex for comfort and durability. The mattresses are made with premium materials and generally cost more than standard, very affordable innerspring mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses Offer Health Benefits

In the last few decades, memory foam mattresses have become very trendy, mostly due to their health benefits. They often account for more than 80% of mattress reviews. Their temperature-sensitive materials adjust to sleepers’ body temperatures and postures.

Mattresses can help relieve aches and pains and allow sleepers to easily find comfortable positions. The mattresses help keep the spine aligned and may improve symptoms of sleep apnea. Products vary widely in quality but serviceable versions are available for as little as $280.00.

Mattress shoppers have dozens of choices, yet most narrow down their choices to innerspring, latex, or memory foam products. These three mattress types include products to suit most sleeping styles and budgets.

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